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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this version of the software works for all ages?

No. We recommend you use this version of the software for the Adults.

Why search results do not have most common disease?

When you write any sign, symptom or clinical finding in the search, please make sure you select a option available from the drop down box. Not selecting a specific sign, symptoms or clinical results from drop down box will give you wrong results.

I selected all sign, symptoms and clinical findings from drop down options still did not get the correct results?

First try adding similar available sign symptoms during search. For example, while using sub category of a sign or symptom like hospital acquired fever, please also add fever in the same search for higher yield and please notify us which differential diagnoses missing from the search result using the submit button in the result section below the high probability differential diagnoses.

How can I get a Apps for the The DDxRx Software for my tablet or smart phone?

You can download DDxRx application from iTunes/App Store and Google Play.

How do I reset my password?

You can change your password by going to your Account > Settings (in order to change your password to a new password). If you forget your password, click on the forgot password link in the log in tab. it will send you an email with temporary password once you enter valid email address.

Why search function does not work when I use one signs, symptoms or clinical findings?

Search option for single signs, symptoms and clinical findings are blocked. You must select atleast two signs, symptoms and clinical findings to get search results.

Which Internet browsers work best on DDxRx Software?

Browser developers frequently make improvements to provide you with a faster, more secure online experience. Newer browsers also support a wider range of designs and features than older browsers.

To take advantage of the speed and security, we recommend upgrading your Internet browser. For the best experience, we encourage you to use Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

If you prefer to use Internet Explorer, please upgrade to IE9 or higher. Many features on the site will not work when using older versions of Internet Explorer. (Please note: we cannot provide technical support if you are using an outdated browser; you will need to upgrade in order for us to assist you).